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hate. let me tell you about how much i've come to hate you since i began to live.
so i know this game is getting a fair influx of hype now that spoony mentioned it in his scary game series

but still

i have no mouth and i must scream
holy balls you guys

game was based on a short story by harlan ellison who also wrote a ton of extra dialogue for each character's separate chapter and did a voice in the game itself.
basic plot - china, russia and america all create a separate super computer designed to run wars too complex for humans to undertake during the cold war, which develops into the third world war. america's computer, AM (allied mastercomputer/adaptive manipulator) becomes self-aware and absorbs the other two computers, causing it to have power over china, america and russia. AM discovers he hates people and orchestrates the genocide of humanity, keeping only five people alive - four men and one woman.

AM keeps these five alive and tortures them, mentally and physically, for 109 years. he then decides to give each character a chance in participating in a little 'game' where he forces them to face their past and other such fun stuff.

i dunno if i have a favourite character... i like anyone who isnt ted, but i love gorrister and nimdok. im blaming engineer and medic from tf2, respectively.

i dont really want to gush about everything in the game, so uh. here. listen to the intro. ellison voices AM himself, and he has one crazy motherfucker of a voice. i mean gosh. i know the art is a bit outdated, but that monologue is fabulous.

*edit for forgetting the fucking video hhhhngh

silent hill stroy
omg my bro pat wrote a story for me

it is of my favourite silent hill pairing... jamesxharry!!!1 omg kawaiii~

(disclaimer: jamesxharry actually IS my favourite sh slash pairing, i am not a h8er)


BY PAT NOT ME OKCollapse )

the love that was not meant to be
i write a fanfic for inglrus basters next it star bear jew aldso and stiglz

it is called

the love

that was not meant to be
i dont think it is my best but i hope you alle ngoy anyways because i put a lot fo wrodks into this so

without further adus

the love that was not meant to beCollapse )

dear school board
please stop being stupid.

just because a book uses the word nigger

does NOT mean it was in any way condoning its use (in fact, the whole point of the book in question was that racism is wrong, kthx)
and it is not a reason to completely ban to kill a mockingbird from library shelves and the curriculum.

just. what.

i can't even... comprehend how anyone would misinterpret that. how would you think that harper lee was a racist/member of the KKK/thought that saying things like that was okay/what-have-you because her characters said the word nigger. its set during the great depression. in fucking alabama.
like. what do you even expect given the circumstances.

i swear, if this keeps up, our society is going to be so ignorant it won't even be funny.

sorry, wanted to rant a little. nothing new in the way of writing yet. maybe i'll post some of my tf2 sims stories. i know everyone cares about them.


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